February 09, 2016

From: Lisa Suttora, Amazon Marketing Strategist

Dear Amazon Merchant,

If you're ready to take your Amazon sales to the next level, you're in the right place.

This year, more than 2 billion units will be sold on Amazon by sellers with businesses of all sizes.

But where there's money, there's competition, and competition for sales on Amazon is at an all time high.

Because of this...

You can't just list your products on Amazon and hope that they will sell.

If you want to keep your business three steps ahead of the crowd (or even stay in the game), you can't just "list it and leave it".

You must take control of your Amazon sales...

The "secret" to thriving Amazon sales is using a combination of the RIGHT sales and marketing strategies to grow your business.

It's common sense really. How many successful retailers (online or off) do you know that don't market?

Yet for some reason there's this myth going around that Amazon is going to do ALL your marketing and promotion for you.

Would be nice, wouldn't it. But that's not reality.

Every day I see people with great products on Amazon that aren't selling (or aren't selling as well as they could be.)

However, by implementing the RIGHT sales and marketing strategies at the RIGHT time in your business, you can start to create sales momentum and build your business...

Since I began learning from Lisa 3 years ago my sales have gone from $50,000 a year to a mid-six figure business. (can’t believe I’m writing this!)

My biggest success is paying myself a salary I can be proud of, and I am planning to raise it for 2015!

I have the confidence to know I can take this business anywhere I want and create it to look how ever I want it to be.

Leslie Kuster, Owner and Creative Director, Back from Bali



The Only Program of Its Kind That Delivers the Winning Combination of Professional Leading-Edge Sales and Marketing Strategies for Online Merchants Who Sell On Amazon and Beyond...

With Strategic Biz Marketing, you'll stop spinning your wheels and start implementing the right things to grow your business on Amazon and beyond.

  • More Sales
  • More New Customers
  • More Profits

You'll take the guesswork and the "stresswork" out of growing your business.

Greetings from Costa Rica.  Yes, we are having FUN!  Thank you, Lisa.  you helped make this all possible.

Our business continues to grow, we're exploring new areas of growth this year, and everything you've taught us to implement has paid off!

Sharon Boswell, Founder, Shoppe at the Misty Moon

Instead of wasting time trying out a bunch of stuff that doesn't get you the desired results, wouldn't you rather know exactly what to implement implement and how your business will benefit from it?

1. Begin Increasing Your Sales with a DOABLE Plan That Right for Your Business with the 2015 Holistic Business Plan

Create a DOABLE Plan for Increasing Your Sales

Start increasing your sales with our exclusive 2015 Holistic Business Plan. Designed specifically for Amazon and ecommerce, the Holistic Business Plan will help you map out the exact steps you need to take your sales to the next level.

2. Master the Sales and Marketing Skills You Need To Drive Your Amazon Sales Growth!

Our Step-by-Step Training Gets Results

You can't build a business on outdated strategies.

Our leading-edge Masterclasses bring you the most current, effective Amazon sales and marketing training that will keep your business three steps ahead of the competition.

Below are just a few examples of what you'll learn in the Strategic Biz Marketing program...

From the beginning, Strategic Biz Marketing has been my blueprint to running a successful Amazon business.

There is no doubt SBM is definitely the best kept secret for any entrepreneur who wants to start or grow their Amazon sales.

Kelly Goode, Mistletoe Mill

3. See Real World Examples of What's Working on Amazon and What's Not with our Market This! Not That! Gallery

Marketing Examples That Sell!

See examples of what marketing content works, and what doesn't! Avoid costly, time wasting mistakes when you learn from the pros!


4. Get Your Most Pressing "Front Line" Business Questions Answered on our Monthly Ask Lisa LIVE! Monthly Q&A Coaching Call!

Get Personalized Attention for Your Business! And Listen to the Front Line Questions From Other Business Owners

Everyone has that burning question where, if they could only get the right answer, their business would move forward by leaps and bounds. Each month, Lisa gathers the group for Ask Lisa LIVE! to discuss real-world, front line business issues.

Each question is a mini-masterclass of it's own!

4. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY! Get access to my Private 7x24 Amazon Marketing Profits [AMP] Facebook Mastermind and Mentoring Group

You are not alone. Learn From Your Fellow Strategic Biz Marketers and Founder Lisa Suttora

A diverse group of emerging and established sellers, your Amazon Marketing Profits team [AMP] is always there with an answer or a word of encouragement.

Founder Lisa Suttora leads the group with professional, customized advice and gets to know your business!


Strategic Biz Marketing is a High-Touch Program to Help You Take Your Amazon (and beyond) Sales to the Next Level...

The Success of Your Online Store Depends on It.

Thank you, thank you, thank you - for all the great marketing advice and mentoring that helped us achieve our best holiday sales ever!

Sanjay Chandiram


You'll receive new "what's working now" Masterclasses, training and mentoring every month.

Woman using a laptopAccess all the online training 7x24 in the Strategic Biz Marketing Center, your go-to place for Amazon selling success.

The Strategic Biz Marketing program is one of a kind.

"With a sole focus on helping emerging and established business owners peel away the confusion and implement the right leading-edge strategies on Amazon and beyond... you'll learn a new way of looking at business expansion, and stay three steps ahead of the crowd."

-Lisa Suttora, Founder, Strategic Biz Marketing

Yes Lisa! I'm Ready to Take My Amazon Sales to the Next Level!

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If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team. We are happy to answer any questions to ensure that the Strategic Biz Marketing program is the right fit  for you!

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