“Grow Your Sales on Amazon This Year and Knock Your 2014 Holiday Revenue Out of the Park by Implementing the RIGHT Leading-Edge Strategies for Sourcing, Marketing, and Selling .”

lisa_greenSeptember 6, 2014

From: Lisa Suttora

It’s a fact.

In 2013, Amazon 3rd party merchants sold more than a billion product units totaling tens of billions of dollars in sales worldwide.

Sales that continue to increase in 2014! And this year, Amazon sellers will see the biggest holiday selling season in Amazon’s history.

But where there’s money, there’s competition and there’s a lot of competition on Amazon.

The myth that you can just list any old product on Amazon and walk away while it sells ‘automagically’, is just that – a MYTH.

If you want a healthy piece of Amazon’s massive sales pie, you must implement the RIGHT strategies on Amazon to get the sale, make a profit and stay ahead the competition.

Strategies such as…



  • SEO Optimizing Your Product Pages So They Get Found in Amazon Search
  • Knowing Exactly What Product Keywords Buyers Are Searching For
  • Launching New Products in the Amazon Marketplace Correctly (so they don’t languish on your virtual store shelves)
  • Creating Product Pages that Sell!
  • Using Amazon Sponsored Product Ads to Increase Your Sales
  • Inbound Marketing Techniques to Get Traffic to YOUR Offer (and bypass competitor’s offers)
  • Positioning to Win the Amazon Buy Box
  • “Walking the Floors” to Increase Your Sales
  • Branding Your Amazon Business
  • How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Amazon Products
  • The Financial Benefit of Marketing Your Products and Not Your Amazon Store
  • Using Facebook Strategically to Increase Your Amazon Sales
  • How to Develop Multiple Sourcing Channels
  • Keeping Your Products Out of the Add-On Program (aka Amazon Limbo)
  • How to Compete with Amazon
  • How to Keep Your Product Line Lean, Selling and Profitable
  • How to Build a Real Business and Not Be a Product Supplier to Amazon

Whether you’re an established Amazon merchant or new to selling on Amazon, these last 5 months of 2014 offer you the potential to generate your highest monthly sales yet!

    But you can’t leave your Amazon sales to chance.

    To grow your sales you must be strategic in these three areas…

    The Success of Your Amazon Sales Depend on It.





    The Only Program of Its Kind That Delivers the Winning Combination of Leading Edge Selling, Marketing and Sourcing Strategies Specifically for Amazon 3rd Party Merchants.

    Strategic Biz Marketing is dedicated specifically to helping you build a professional Amazon business.

    There are a lot of moving parts to a successful Amazon business. Whether you’re a startup, emerging or established Amazon merchant, you’ll how to build a professional, consistent, income.


    Two powerful programs with one powerful goal… to sell more products and make more profits on Amazon.

    Strategic Biz Marketing

    Start your business expansion off the right way, when you put together your exclusive Holistic Business Plan. Designed specifically for ecommerce, this will be your blueprint for growth in 2014.

    Learn the latest strategies for selling successfully on Amazon. What works now on Amazon has changed significantly in the past year. You'll get the leading-edge strategies for 2014.

    Expand globally. With Amazon FBA, you can now easily reach new customers around the world. The global ecommerce market is where the massive growth will be over the next decade. Begin your international Amazon expansion this year!

    • Learn Hot to SEO Your Product Pages So They Get Found in Amazon Search
    • What Tools Will Show You Exactly What Keywords Amazon Buyers Are Searching For
    • How to Launch New Products in the Amazon Marketplace Correctly (so they don’t languish on your virtual store shelves)
    • How to Write Product Page Copy to Differentiate and SELL Your Products
    • Why You Must Learn to Use Amazon Sponsored Product Ads to Increase Your Sales (and how to do it)
    • The Most Effective Inbound Marketing Techniques to Get Traffic to YOUR Product (and bypass competitor’s offers)
    • Positioning Your Business to Win the Amazon Buy Box More of the Time
    • The Strategy to Keep Your Product Line Lean, Selling and Profitable

    Your product line is the engine of your business. Discover how to implement the right sourcing methods to support your business growth. Learn what the best business expansion sourcing strategies are for you!

    Learn how to use visual content marketing like Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Press Releases, and improved product imagery to reach a brand new set of customers and convert more sales.

    Learn how to maximize your profits with Strategic Selling. Don't just list a list a product and hope it will sell! Use Strategic Selling to make your product sell when you want and for the price you want!

    • Understanding Profit Margin (get this wrong and you’ll lose money)
    • How to Use Pinterest, the #1 Marketing Tool to Reach More Buyers and Make More Sales (98% of Amazon sellers are doing this wrong)
    • Using Facebook Strategically to Increase Your Amazon Sales
    • Volume vs Margin (most people do this backwards and leave thousands on the table)
    • How to Develop Multiple Sourcing Channels
    • Keeping Your Products Out of the Add-On Program (aka Amazon Limbo)
    • How to Compete with Amazon
    • How to “Walk the Floors” to Increase Your Sales
    • The New Model for Selling Profitably on Amazon (what worked last year doesn’t work this year in many cases).

    Skyrocket Holiday Sales

    • Hot Holiday Sourcing Strategies
    • Repurposing Inventory for Holiday Sales
    • How to Sell More with Holiday Specific Pinterest Boards
    • Staffing for Holiday Sells
    • How to Avoid the Hazmat Holiday Backlog
    • Holiday Pricing for Optimal Sales
    • Creating a Holiday Selling Plan
    • How to Assemble Your Holiday Product Line
    • Putting Together Your Holiday Marketing Plan
    • Amazon FBA Holiday Tips (How to avoid the backlog and get your inventory listed quickly)
    • The Right Way to Run Holiday Promotions to Boost Sales
    • What 2014 Holiday Buyers Want (and how you can sell it to them)!

    Well Work Together as a Group Throughout 2014 to Increase Your Amazon and Holiday Sales!


    Professional training for professionally minded sellers.

    Woman using a laptopAccess to the Strategic Biz Marketing Training Library

    You’ll have full 7×24 access to the Strategic Biz Marketing library, including the Increase Holiday Sales program!

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    Each Month We’ll Focus on a Different Leading-Edge Sourcing or Marketing Strategy That Will Drive Your Business Growth!

    Instead of wasting time trying out a bunch of stuff that doesn’t get you the desired results, you’ll know exactly what to implement and how your business will benefit from it!

    Hi Lisa! Greetings from Costa Rica.  Yes, we are having FUN!  Amazon FBA is in my blood now. I  went sourcing in a Costa Rican grocery store yesterday. Attached are pics of my grandson, me with my zip line guys. Thank you, Lisa.  you helped make this all possible Sharon Boswell,
    Had a $1M month in Dec. 2013 :)  Thank you, thank you, thank you – for all the great advice and mentoring that helped get me there!! Sanjay Chandiram,
    The exciting news is since January we have doubled our sales each month since last year! My cyber monday sales were 5 TIMES that of last year!!!!!! Leslie Kuster,

    Your Go To Plan for Amazon Selling Success

    Open 7x24, the Strategic Biz Marketing Center will be your hub for business expansion in 2014.

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    With Strategic Biz Marketing, you’ll stop spinning your wheels and start implementing the right things to grow your business on Amazon and beyond.

    • More Sales
    • More New Customers
    • More Profits

    You’ll take the guesswork and the “stresswork” out of growing your business.

    The 2014 Strategic Biz Marketing + Skyrocket Holiday Sales program is the only program of it’s kind.

    “With a sole focus on helping emerging and established Amazon business owners peel away the confusion and implement the right leading-edge strategies… you’ll learn a new way of looking at business expansion, and stay three steps ahead of the competition.” -Lisa Suttora, Founder, Strategic Biz Marketing

    Strategic Biz Marketing Gives Your Amazon Business the Competitive Advantage.

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